Monday, July 10, 2006

July BACA meeting my notes

Disclaimer- my notes. If you want to complain about what isn't in it, well you should have dragged your sorry self to the meeting and taken your own %#! notes or add a comment. If something is incorrect then you can bug me.

We have general council. See having lawyers in the hood is a good thing.

Wendell Bulter, CEO of the Community Academy Public Charter Schools reported on what's going on with the former Armstrong Manual Training School Building. Note that there were members of the Armstrong Alumni group there. So why after 2 years nothing much has happened... well Mr. Bulter says it took 6 months to clean out the building. They filled 38 long dumpsters of debris. Also thieves have been stealing copper off the building and people keep tearing off the plywood from the windows. Also they want people to stop walking their dogs on the property.
They have gone out twice seeking procurement (?). They are seeking a developer with this. They do have the money now. They have a $20 million dollar commitment. After they decide on a developer then they will seek an architect. Dealing with the fact that Armstrong is on the National Historical Register, that will take time to get approval for some things. It will take 6 months to get all the permits needed from DCRA. They would like to start work in Spring 2007, maybe Fall this year.
Armstrong will be the CAPCS' 5th campus. They must make it primarily a school. It is to be K-9. I think I heard Pre-K but I'm not sure. They are entertaining the idea of maybe extending to 12th grade. It will have 900-1000 students, as each student is to have 100 sq ft.
DC needs to have a place to park its 30-40 fleet vehicles and they will be at Armstrong for at least 90 days. The agreement made with DC govt will allow CAPSC to hire a security guard for the school, starting today.

The DC Fire Marshall Flemming spoke. The Fire Dept is responsible for the fireworks. He would like stronger laws that would allow for the confiscation of cars and denying business license to those who sell illegal fireworks. Call 202 727 1600 for firework safety info.
Off McCullough (sp) spoke about 5D police. Explained that dispatchers determine the calls getting to the cop on the street. One can bypass the dispatcher by calling the Sgt or the Lt. Sgt number - 202 698 4688 and the Lt # is 202 698 0268 calling the police directly.
There is a drug free zone on the Unit block of Bates. Mean loitering not allowed while it is a drug free zone.
Contact Capt Melvin Scott

Tiffany Simms and a guy both from the National Capitol Revitalization Corporation spoke about the McMillan Resevoir. See their website at or email, you can also call 202 467-1065

Mary Anne Flower Power next week. We have partners. Buy tickets.

Joe Mezza is on the Community History Committee

Art Slater of the Land Use, Planning and Dev Committee said that Chain Reaction needs volunteers and Joe Mamo got approval... for something.

There are a dozen people running for Ward 5 chair. 2 of them spoke. Debbie Smith (ANC 5CO9) and Vera Winfield .

I'm tired of typing.


At 5:54 AM, TruxtonResident said...

Thanks Mari for the notes. It was interesting to here that they want people to quit walking their dogs on the property ...

I guess the drug dealing can continue though ... ;-)


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