Tuesday, August 08, 2006

BACA meeting August 7th 2006

These are the abbreviated notes as I'm just too lazy to go into any great detail.

Meeting was called to order sometime around 7. All I know is I got there late and nothing had begun.
We had the Department of Public Works to hand out the prizes to the winners of Flower Power 2006. Last I looked at the BACA site (www.dcbaca.org) the winners haven't been posted but here are the winners I wrote down:
1st place block- 1600 blk of 4th St NW
2nd place block- Unit Bates St NW

1st place treebox- 1632 4th St
2nd place treebox- ??????

1st place small yard- 74 Bates
2nd place small yard- 140 Bates (instant yard)

1st place mid sized yard- 1625 4th St
2nd place mid sized yard- ????

1st place large sized yard- 319 R St
2nd place large sized yard- 1707 New Jersey Ave

1st place and only nominee for institution- Church garden at 1st & P

Mary Anne said this is her last year chairing the membership (or was it FP) committee.
The story of the Asian immigrant was mentioned. He is being harassed still by his attackers. Long story ask me for more info.
For "Community Concerns" concerns about vacant houses, dead trees, praise about replacing lids on bins by the city, questions about litter cans were brought up. The Director for DPW was still at the meeting and he addressed several concerns. Mary Ann said that the recycling bin was too small. I think it is just right. Maybe some people need two recycle bins. DPW Dir mentioned that recycling is paying off, as it costs less to deal with per ton than garbage. He said the city is getting new street and alley cleaners (machines).
Another community concern was brought up by a resident concerned about the house next to her. The landlord is not keeping it up. The house is in serious disrepair, the yard is overgrown, and there is a little old lady in it, so there is some concern there. This is a job for DCRA and Adult Services.
Jim needs your help. He needs citizens to take some time off and attend one or more ABC license hearings. He needs witnesses because the supporters of the liquor stores come out.
There was cake.
I left.


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