Monday, September 11, 2006

BACA meeting 9/11

Lots of people weren't there because of the campaigning, 9-11 and Redskins events.

First speaker was Ms. Melina Afzal, Community Liaison for Prevention Works! Prevention Works! is an HIV and hepatitis prevention non-profit that provides food, clothing, testing, education, and needle exchange. They clean areas up and dispose of used needles. They deal with drug using populations and steer them to programs. They are willing to work with the community and want to send their RV van to target areas lst and Florida Ave and North Capitol and Florida. The idea is to come every week, on Tuesday mornings around 9AM. Residents asked questions about the relations of other neighborhoods and police districts where the program is run and funding.

The second item took up the most time and it was a discussion of the liquor licenses for Sunset liquors on 1st & Florida and KS/Moon Liquors on 4th & Florida. Mr. Sundeep Singh of Sunset spoke first and I had a terrible time understanding him because of his accent and grammar. He mentioned a story about a woman who gave birth to a baby in the park (recently?) who came over (the next day?) with the baby and wanted to buy beer and he refused her. A resident at the meeting reported what she observed going on around and at the store. Another resident said the place looked creepy because you can see inside of it. Mr. Singh mentioned that he has fresh milk and bread, but residents countered that we wouldn't know from looking at the outside. Others pointed out violations in the voluntary agreement.
Somewhere in this the owner of Moon Liquors, a very chatty guy, mentioned that they don't own the building, just the business. He talked about some of the changes he has made to get into compliance with the agreement and how he is working with some of the neighbors around the store and some of the difficulties he has encountered.
There was a discussion about bullet proof glass. The owner of G G Market (Mr. Gabereau?), which does not sell beer and wine, talked about glass and how to counter vandals breaking other glass. Mr. Singh said that the police was encouraging him (and hinted others) to put up and keep bullet proof glass.
Mr. Gabereau seemed to be putting out feelers for approval of an ABC license, although there was plenty of praise for his store at Q and New Jersey, there was no support for a liquor license.
We broke up around 9PM.


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