Monday, February 05, 2007

Feb 5th BACA meeting

Began around 7PM led by are still great (but no longer ANC) leader Jim Berry, I showed up much later.
Oscar Rider of the DC Emergency Management Agency was speaking when I came in so I can't really say much about it.
This is not in the right order, I'm just going based on where I wrote notes on the agenda.
Robert Tack of the Capitol Retail Group was there and he spoke abouthref retail he's hoping to have go in near the ATF building to provide the workers with stores. They are a retail leasing company with a location at 14th and Rhode Island and the location of the matter is at 2nd and FL. They hope to have 4-6 tenants, with about 7-8,000 sq ft total, and at least 2 retail food tenants. Dunkin Donuts, some TechWorld businesses and a bank have expressed interest. There will beDunkintail parking. TechWorlday be occupied by May or June. So they need food options to be available to those new occupants. If you know of a business that would be interested in locating there please contact the retail group at 202 319 2884.
Officer Babcock and Inspector Brooks were presented with certificates of appreciation. Jim B. and Babcockn Wilmner had great things to say about the two and their role in the community. Something aWilmnermeone needing to get a raise.
Membership committee plans to have some sort of event in appreciation for Jim and his leadership on the ANC board and as our former ANC. Watch for an announcement. It is hoped to be in late April or early May. If you want to help out hunt down Mary Ann. Membership is also collecting dues. It was $20 last year, I guess it is the same.
Art Slater, who is in charge of the Land Use, Planning and Economic Development Committee seems to need volunteers. The committee wants to organize and implement a small area planning session within the BACA service area. It can be informal or formal where there is an assessment of businesses, assets, sq. footage, a survey of the community, an economic study to see what the community can support, look at logistics, and basically develop the technical expertise to be able to talk to developers.
Mr. Robert Brannum spoke about the schools. There is a charter that needs to be ratified by the peoplBrannume District of Columbia and he urges people to write the Council about it.
Jim talked about the three liquor stores in the BACA region and attempts at voluntary agreements. Apparently you can't get a VA with the store's landlords to improve (or allow improvements).
There was a discussion about public/ personal safety. It was stated that crime is down in the past two years. However, if you don't feel safe it really doesn't matter what the stats say.
When you call the police to report drug activity, if you see where the dealers have hidden the stash, mention that when you call. Tell them exactly where the stash is (ex. behind 123 BACA St, under the red trash can). Some people have the phone numbers of the beat cops and tell them directly.
Lastly, Jim and others have noticed that this is the first year that they cannot park on their block. Back in the old days he could park in front of his house. Then his street. No longer. Someone else noticed that there are all these cars with out of District tags taking up the spaces. You could call 202 727 1000 after 5pm and report cars that are 30 days overdue from getting District tags.
Meeting ended at 9PM.



At 7:13 AM, ShawMolly said...

I wonder if maybe Tak at Thai X-ing could be enticed to expand there. Dunkin Donuts, ugh. Like we need more fast food. And I work near Techworld and their offerings are pretty unenticing.


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