Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The BACA meeting where Fenty shows up

These are my notes. They aren't complete, nor are they word for word. Really, you should have dragged your sorry butt to the meeting if you're going to get picky.
Meeting began at 7pm in the lower level of Mt. Sinai Baptist. There was a TV camera there and a lot of people filled up the rear rows.
Jim Berry apologized early about cutting people off when the mayor comes to speak.
First to speak was Cpt. Scott of the 5th District. He reports a 40% decrease in the incidents of violent crime. There are now 29 beat officers and there were about 140 arrests this month. He also had a warning regarding service stations. Women are getting their purses stolen when they leave them in their unlocked cars. Don't do that. Men have a bad habit of leaving their keys in the car. Don't do that either. Then the star of the show arrived, Mayor Adrian Fenty.
Mayor Fenty looked as if he's lost some weight since campaigning. He made us applaud Jim and the police officers. Then he got into the question and answer period.
Q: The Gun Ban
A: The city has until April 9th to file something. For now the ban is still in effect and it is just for homes. [Fenty interprets the 2nd Amendment to mean militias]

Q: How Mayor's office helping the police to make fighting crime a priority? And please pave Richardson Pl.
A: Putting more officers on the street is a clear priority. Police department, compared to other departments in the city, got the most growth. There was a 20% increase in th number of officers.

Q: What programs the district govt. has to help young men to make an honest living?
A: We want to make and increase adult education. Programs for disconnected youth. Juvenile justice program. Best way to save disconnected youth is to make sure they don't get disconnected. [I think there was some mention of vocational programs.]

Q: There is a nursing home shortage. The Beverly just closed. How to increase bed numbers?
A: Use Tobacco settlement dollars. The may not have helped the Beverly, but hopefully will prevent more closures.

Q: We have a few open air drug markets. What can we do to prevent loitering?
A: make the goal to close the drug market. The Police Department needs a plan to close it down. Continued vigilance and engagement. Community to work with the Police Department and Government and pick the worst drug market and target it.

Q: Scholarships
A: [Fenty] is trying to renew ...... Ask for the state education department [for in state tuition]. Gates Foundation money starts with 6 high schools and choose 100 students.

Fenty wants to come back in 3 months to follow up on the crime and dug issue.

Next was Councilman Harry Thomas Jr. At this point I'm tired of taking notes. But I did note that Mr. Thomas had a snazzy tie, a lovely suit and shirt w/ cuff linked cuffs. He encouraged people to go to the PSA meetings so the police won't get spread thin going to all the different civic meetings [so they can spend more time on the beat].

On a personal note, turn off your **&! cell phones people.
My notes. The end.



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