Thursday, August 09, 2007

BACA meeting Aug 6, 2007

The kids
The Youth Services Committee spoke first. A representative for Revs. Miles and Hollowman at Ebenezer Baptist Church on Q St described what the YSC hoped to do. They'd like to have a block party, blocking off the Unit block of Q St. August 18th they will have a cookout at 1st and Florida and the idea is to do something once a month.
A citizen pointed out a weakness in the law regarding dumping. He says though you witness the dumping and confront the dumpers and get their information the city does nothing (but give the run around). Another citizen mentioned a supercan problem of where all the cans are hanging out in the alley together and it gives the sense that here's where you dump crap. Citizen Mary Ann expressed frustration, saying that citizens shouldn't have to do the work of the city.
In this conversation it seems with the Fenty administration the CORE team is no more. The CORE team used to bring together people from various city agencies (DPW, Police, Social Services, etc) to tackle certain neighborhood problems.
It was also expressed that some of the dumping could was being done purposefully to assist criminals. Trashy alleys allow the drug boys to hide things and slow police cruisers.
Property crimes and theft from autos is up. All other crime is down.
Burglary 2 is when they break in via windows, unlocked doors (yes, people are leaving their doors unlocked) and AC unit cavities. Burglary 1 is when the occupant is in the house.
There were 3 arrests. Two were caught in progress and charged with Burglary 1. One was caught walking down the street. They were arrested on the 1700 block of NJ Ave and 200 block of R St.
Once again complaint about non response. Police pointed out that 311 & 911 calls do not go directly to the Police Dept but goes to a communications dept that, at the discretion of the dispatcher, can sit on a request for service, for hours. It was suggested by someone to call the 5th District Police Department directly.
Political Mucky-mucks
A representative from Kwame Brown's office showed up. He confused the 3rd district with the 5th district and said we had a youth problem. .... you lost me when you couldn't differentiate between the different districts.
Councilman Harry Thomas Jr and his blackberry showed up. Honestly I didn't write any notes while he spoke except his phone number 439-5103 (I think). He did talk a lot about parks and recreation. The crowd was good and Vance asked a lot of Vance questions. Mr. Thomas answered the the questions posed by the citizenry. He was willing to answer more but we were going to get kicked out of the building by the Jim because it was getting to be after 9pm.
No notes, but ANC commissioner Anita Bonds, may have spoken. She was at the meeting.

Washington Gas wants to raise rates.



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