Wednesday, June 06, 2007

BACA meeting 6/4/07

I think I'm missing a page of notes....
First person to speak was Susan Hoskins of Landmark Education. As her presentation was not really neighborhood specific, I didn't write anything helpful down.

Ofc. McCollough spoke. Crime is down in our PSA. Citizen emails to commanders, etc have had an impact. Arrests have been made as a result. Theft from autos and stolen autos is up.
There is stuff in the works that the police can not talk about. The 'characters' on the street know police schedules, shifts, and listen in on police radios, etc.
A resident asked the police to give some slack with parking enforcement as she expressed a problem with finding parking.
The number of hanger-outs are increasing because they are getting out of jail and returning to the community.
Jim had a theory that he has mentioned before in meetings, that there is an organized presence in the crime that is going on in the neighborhood. He sensed this organization in the 'managed' level of violence. He mentioned a fellow from way back who was sort of a "Mr. Big" type who controlled some of the criminal activity and Jim is seeing the same sort of dynamics and patterns of activity.
The phone number for the 5th District station is 202 698 0150.
Graffiti- Send Jim Berry pictures of the graffiti you see in the BACA area.

Summer Safety
Call 202- IM BORED. Any parent calling this number can find out about activities in the city.
Also there is going to be a FUN FAIR this Saturday at 1st and Florida. There will be hot dogs and a moon bounce. The police will also play the Dunbar HS team in a game of basketball.

Flower Power-Membership-Health
Giovanni- Flower Power will be the next big activity. Bloomingdale wants to join programs. There are nominating forms. Anyone wanting to volunteer contact Lana.
Walk for your Health- at 6:30-6:45pm citizen walk around the Bates Area twice a week. It is a fun opportunity to fellowship and exercise. They meet at Mt. Sinai Baptist Church.
BACA is trying to get a water aerobics class at Dunbar going.

North Capitol Main Streets
Thursday June 21st at Mck. Tech. at 7pm the author of "WalMart Revolution" will speak. Also scheduled to show up is Harry Thomas Jr. and Kwame Brown.

Bertha Holiday- Bloomingdale got a grant. They would like to avoid duplication in neighborhood efforts and try to work together on common issues. She passed out an issues survey which should be on the BACA website.

Next ANC 5C meeting is at 7pm at Dunbar HS on June 19th, the 3rd Tuesday of the month.



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